Chickenpox Shingles

Chickenpox Shingles

Information about Chickenpox & Shingles


Natural Chicken Pox Treatment & Remedies

The most effective and natural way to treat Chicken pox in babies, children and adults it to use Colloidal Silver-MSM spray, the homeopathic remedy Rhus tox, powerful immune-boosting and anti-viral natural ingredients such as Beta glucans, Bee Propolis, Black Elderberry and Olive Leaf extract, and Aloe Vera Gel.

You can buy ‘Natural Chicken pox Treatment Kits‘ with NEXT DAY DELIVERY for adults, babies and children which contain a combination of these natural remedies and are designed specifically to:

  • fight the virus from within the body and on the surface of the skin
  • dramatically speed up the recovery process
  • reduce inflammation
  • stop the itching
  • aid healing
  • cool the skin

Together they are an incredibly effective, comprehensive and natural approach to chicken pox. These products are 100% natural and unlike the spectacularly ineffective Calamine Lotion they really work and do not dry the skin.

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I bought the kit for my daughter ,who’s 7. It was delivered the next day. She healed very quickly and didn’t suffer from any fever or itching. The Aloe vera gel is very moisturizing and we used it once the spots had dried up. And there was enough of everything for my son when he came down with it two weeks later. So thank you very much for an excellent service.” S. Hibbert (11 Jan 2010)

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- COLLOIDAL SILVER is the key to eliminating chicken pox. It is a suspension of ultra-fine silver particles in purified water and is one of the best all round natural germ-fighters available. It has been used for hundreds of years, is designed to be used orally and topically, is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory and has many different uses. It can be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics.

Silver has the ability to inactivate most viruses which means that it destroys the Varicella zosta virus that causes chicken pox. Colloidal Silver is incredibly effective against chickenpox and can also relieve a sore throat, often present with this virus. Instead of the usual two weeks recovery time you will be better in one week or less!

You will visibly see the spots crust over and begin to heal much faster than normal.

Colloidal Silver is best used for chicken pox when sprayed directly onto the skin. It has the consistency of water and is easily sprayed onto the skin.

Colloidal Silver is suitable for babies / infants, children and adults, including newborn babies and is safe for use when pregnant.

The Silver-MSM Hi-Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Sprays in the chickenpox kits contain 25 parts per million of silver and also organic sulphur (MSM) which has many healing properties.


- RHUS TOX 30c – a homeopathic remedy taken internally known to help relieve the symptoms of chicken pox by speeding up recovery and helping to reduce itching. These tiny sugar-based pills are suitable for all ages because they can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth.

- ALOE VERA GEL – the properties of Aloe Vera are well known – healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, moisturising – and for chickenpox aloe vera gel is an ideal topical application to cool and heal the skin. It can be applied as often as required.

- BEE PREPARED Daily Defence capsules- a potent all natural supplement containing high quality nutrients to support the body’s natural defenses on a daily basis. Contains Bee Propolis, Beta Glucans, Olive Leaf Extract and Black Elderberry. The Bee Prepared Daily Defence formula provides all-in-one combinations of highly concentrated ingredients, which have antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help aid the body’s immune system function. This adult’s formula is included in the Chickenpox Treatment Kit – Adults alongside the Silver-MSM Skin Spray.

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“The colloidal silver was simply a god-send. It seemed to hasten along the healing and as such has prevented much scarring. I just wish that the bottle was larger!…The aloe vera was refreshing and did what it said!! It’s such a shame that more adults suffering with chicken pox are unaware of these products.” C. Alexander

“I have used the Chicken pox kit and it was fantastic! I have already ordered more Colloidal Silver…” S. Triwulandari

“The Colloidal Silver in this kit was incredible. My children call it their ‘magic spray’. They just stopped itching and the speed at which the spots began to heal was amazing. I am just so pleased we found this. I have ordered more colloidal silver already because it has so many uses.” S. Hamill

“Really pleased with the kit and the speed it aided recovery.  As soon as we started using it we could see results.  Will recommend to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get this virus!” T. Tame

“I was more than happy with the results of the Chicken pox Kit. The Colloidal Silver helped soothe the skin instantly (with no odour or drying effect like Calamine Lotion) and the Rhus tox tablets brought out the rash quickly. Being 23 and having chicken pox was rather frustrating but finding your site and the products was a lifeline! I was back at University within 2 weeks.” S. Cullen

“The kit was amazing…my little girl of 1 1/2 was so bad her face was swollen and her whole body was one big spot. But her recovery rate was fantastic, she was clear in a week with the silver spray and she loved the cooling aloe vera gel on her skin.” C. Hall


In addition to the above products much more can be done to support the immune support and help fight infection.

- NATURE’S ANSWER ECHINACEA & GOLDENSEAL is also available for children aged 4 years plus and is called ‘E-Kid Nacea Plus’. Again it is a powerful anti-viral and antibacterial immune boosting formula that can be used for all infections.

- NATURE’S ANSWER BLACK ELDERBERRY liquid (Sambucus nigra) is a scientifically proven to be rich in immune-boosting flavonoids – powerful, natural antioxidants that have a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system.  Elderberry also contains several direct anti-viral compounds. Elderberries have been used for centuries for countless ailments from flu and fever to colds and colic and are effective against most other viruses. It has a pleasant taste and so is ideal for children.

- COMVITA OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT liquid another powerful natural antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting supplement is available in capsules and liquid and is suitable for adults and children over the age of two years. Can be taken intensively during illness and daily in a low dose as a preventative measure.

- ZINC is important to help strengthen the immune system and aid healing. It is easy to be deficient in zinc because food sources (nuts and shellfish) are limited.

- VITAMIN A is also important to boost the immune system and help heal the skin.

- VITAMIN C with bioflavonoids is important to boost the immune system, fight infection and support the body during times of stress.

You can buy all of these high quality supplements for babies, children and adults via the same website that sells the Chickenpox Kits


- Keep well hydrated and drink freshly made juices and vegetable soups until the fever drops

- Introduce simple foods like mashed banana, avocados, yoghurt etc when the appetite returns – do not use cooked or processed foods

- Do not give cow’s milk or formula to a feverish baby/infant.  This can worsen an illness. Instead give pure juices diluted with filtered/bottled water, rice milk and plenty of quality water until the fever has passed

- Keep out of direct sunlight and keep interior areas dimly lit – bright light worsens the condition

- Try not to let your child scratch. Keep nails short and clean. Use scratch mittens if necessary.

- Give plenty of cool baths - run hot water through a muslin bag (or a stocking) of uncooked oats, massaging the bag to encourage the creamy substance to come out of the oats. Add cold water to the bath to cool the temperature. This helps reduce the itch.

- Adding a few drops of Lavender Oil to bathwater aids healing

- Keep children away from others who have chickenpox as re-infection can worsen the condition. Family members should have limited contact with each other

- Chamomile tea
is very soothing and reduces irritation. For children over the afe of 6 give a dessertspoon of the tea four times daily and for children below the age of six give just one teaspoon four times daily



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Chickenpox is a common and extremely contagious viral infection which is spread by direct contact or from breathing in germs. It is caused by the pox virus Varicella zosta, the same virus which causes shingles. Most children contract chickenpox by the age of ten. One bout usually gives lifetime immunity however it is possible, although rare, to catch it a second time.

Incubation period – symptoms usually begin 7-21 days after exposure to the virus and are typically a headache, tiredness, runny nose and slight cough, loss of appetite and a fever.

This is then followed 24-48 hours later with an itchy rash of spots. The spots tend to start on the chest, back or face and then spread all over the body. They first appear as a flat, reddish rash which then becomes small pimples, filled with fluid like water blisters.  These blisters leak and form a crust which then begins to dry, scab over and finally heal. Eruptions continue in cycles lasting from three days to one week. The blisters and crusts are infectious and itchy and scratching them can lead to bacterial infection and scarring (see below). Once the scabs have gone the individual is no longer infectious. Chickenpox usually runs its course in two weeks or less in otherwise healthy children.

Adults who contract the infection tend to have much more severe cases than children do. Potentially serious complications, such as pneumonia or encephalitis (an infection of the brain), can arise for some people especially newborns, adults and those with an impaired immune system. Infected children should be kept away from the elderly, newborn babies and pregnant women who have not had chickenpox. If a newborn baby who has come into contact with an infected person and shows any signs of illness see your GP or contact emergency services immediately.

Once chickenpox has cleared the virus then lies dormant in the body, often in the spinal cord and nerve ganglia, until such a time that it may be activated again, usually by a weakened immune system and this is what causes shingles, an extremely painful condition.


The conventional approach is simply to use Calamine Lotion which is after the initial cool feeling is completely ineffective.

Unless you are an adult and your chicken pox is particularly severe your GP will not prescribe any medication.

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